Sunday, 21 August 2011


I could not be bothered with what was happening around me whether the world was turning upside down or people around me who may be had turned to zombies. 
I was like in my own world that I did not know what would happen next. 
A world there was only me. 
I was the king, the ruler and it was my kingdom. 
The world that no one seemed to understand what I was doing, no one seemed to comprehend what I was trying to say, and no one seemed to act they way I acted. 
There was only me could decipher those things that had taken its toll on me.
Sometimes, I did question myself why must I undergo this so called perpetual “dream”? I just did not like it. You know, when you were in this kind of situation, everything seemed to go wrong. 
You had a fight with your friend. 
You confused with yourself which was utterly not good for us that we may have split of identity or lost of identity. 
You felt uneasy with your surrounding. 
This was so uneasy for me. 
I wished I could get out from this “dream” soon. 
But I just could not find the window to jump out. 
If only this was just for temporary, I prayed it would end as soon as possible. 
It was really intimidating. 
But I would never forget this “dream” for that by right, it made me matured to look at the world around me.

Let me be free from your chain.

 I felt sorry and guilty for breaking and hurting anyone's feeling these days. I just could not control my derogatory emotional inertia. I did not wish for its to happen, yet it happened too. No hard feelings.

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