Friday, 19 August 2011

Short Entry

As the title entitles itself, this would be a very short post from me, a quickie update to be told, I hope. I have not been heard for quite some times. I admit a fact that I abandon my blog these days. I have my hands full of so many things that I could hardly spare some time to hit the keyboard. Ranging from assignments, the list goes on. If I am to list them out, I guess this post would not be enough. What a lame excuse anyway! 

Yeah, it is undeniable truth that time passes very fast. As if yesterday was the first day we fast, and today we find ourselves have been fasting for twenty days. Twenty days have been given to us to savor this Ramadhan. It approaches its end. Let's fire up our spirit to make this Ramadhan is the best than the past, Let's pray for Him to make us stand still on the ground and our faith stays unchanged.

Have a lovely weekend!

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lorh bkn ka yg sebelum2 ni pon short jugak. hua3.. ala pelan2 la buat lama2 siap la.. lekk luu.. lima hari lagi utk buat then enjoy utk raya..