Saturday, 30 March 2013

Surprising Sunday

As salam

It was almost fajr when I arrived at my room this morning. Put my things away, 7 hours journey killed my beauty sleep and I simply blamed the seat for ruining my comfort, and I was in dire need of taking one now. Tuck myself into the bed when I saw something on my study table. My roommate was in the dreamworld at the other side of the room. I slowly gathered some energy to go and check it out. And there it was...beautifully concealed. A birthday present from my loveliest roommate. birthday had long gone, yet he never failed to produce a present then. Isn't he romantic? He is indeed...hahaha... Joy fills my heart and I'm so grateful for having a friend and a roommate like him. Very supportive and friendly since. At times, we can be serious. At the same time, we can be crazy too. That's just who we are. Thanks Alau! 


It needs not to be something pricey and branded things to make my day and cheer me up for the rest of the day. Sometimes having a good book in my hands can be the glorious moment in my life unmatched with any other things on this earth including a cake. 


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