Monday, 18 March 2013

Last Class

As Salam

Alhamdulillah. All is well by far and things couldn't be anymore awesome, including my school attachment at SK PNZ. Two days have passed and three more days to go, and the best is yet to come.

Teaching Unplugged

Teaching the last class has always been a colossal dilemma and labyrinth for an amateur teacher like me, and we try our writs and grits avoiding teaching the last class. By that I mean, innuendos are attached to anything about the last class - hopeless, stupid and any other negative comments that one can come out with. Honestly, I used to have that kind of stereotype in my mind. Yet, the truth is they are not stupid nor hopeless. At the very first day of my school attachment at this new school, I discover that they are just as talented and bright as the valedictorian pupils in the first class in a sense that they channel out their curiosity into something called depraved behaviour. It is just that the thing teacher does in the class is not much helping them to invigorate and ameliorate their skills, and  what matters most is compelling their interest to learn and understand. Play and learn, however this concept is not being preached in our education.  

If a teacher can make the most out of the behaviour they have shown, I think it will be no surprise that one day they will be the brightest stars in the night sky...beating the rest...hovering the black pitch vale of horizon with their effulgent light. 

I know walking the talk is hardest part of all, that's why to make a change, one needs to glean their courage to take the first step ever. Let's make a little change around, bit by bit, and in sha Allah, wonders will happen.


#looking very most forward to my first macroteaching with real school students this coming thursday. Ya Allah, please ease and bless our undertaking. Aminn.

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