Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Raise our hands and make dua. :)

As Salam

Problem in life is a must. When it hits you, we get suffocated and almost asphyxiated to death. And when it hits you to the core that you find it hard to fight it back,and when no one couldn't be bothered with your problem. Is anyone even listening to your grief and plead while providing you with help? The truth is no one...even the closest to you have no idea what to do.

If that is so, worry not dear brothers and sisters, we always have Allah, the most powerful and gracious who has always been there since to listen to our every fear, to witness our every tears, to comfort the resentment rested heavily in our heart, to sooth away the pain in a second, to guide our way, to show us the escape and the list just goes on and on. But the question is what have we done to show our unceasing loyalty to Him and to pay Him in return after all the things He has bellowed upon us? 

It is not only in the time of pain and trouble that we only seek for his help and mercy. Dear all, always submit ourselves to Him, the most forgiving and merciful before He takes the time out of ourselves. It is never too late to pray...because He always listens...listens and keeps listening. Confer your problem and trouble to Him because the problem seems to be a lot smaller and easier than we have thought when we have Allah.

Ya Allah, bless and forgive us all. Aminn


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