Wednesday, 13 March 2013


As Salam and peace be upon everyone.

Even the mightiest lion does not attack the giant elephant.

Why is that?

Abhor nobody

The lion knows that he is no competition to the elephant in term of size and strength.The chance of lion winning is slim and flimsy. But, there is more important thing here than just a lion story. Behind all of this fable lies a great issue for each and everyone of us to ponder, knowing our limitation. Someone says to me it defines us as much as our talent. Paused. 

I am tongue-tied, but I know there is something wrong about it deep in the corner of my heart. I get the hunch that this matter is debatable. I further few more thought provoking questions which are non rhetorical, if this is all what you want to say, why you always keep feeding us with the line, nothing is impossible when in fact the real mission of yours is just to teach us to give up upon life which would clearly make your point plausible? So is crushing people dreams always being your ultimate orgasm of sheer happiness? 

Now riddle me this, along the course of your study, is there not any subject or theory that baffles you? Did you run from it or you work so hard to solve the problem because you know the answer is somewhere in your brain because this is something to die for that you really want this in your life for all you can remember. Be it at the very beginning of a race or almost at the finishing line, the problem evokes, either way, one needs to know how to buck up and finish the race at all means which makes a real champion.

So stop it in the name of love and God. It is a hideous act. Another thing is stop judging without seeing. Like people always say, seeing is believing, don't make a judgment if you don't see it yourself, double whammy maybe and don't simply throwing slander and making speculations when you have no idea at all what is really happening. Well then...have a little faith in people because you might be surprised at how wonderful they can be and change the way you see things, see things from many angles then you will get many interpretations how things really are.


See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil, Touch no evil
As simple as that


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