Thursday, 21 March 2013

1.15 and it's over

As Salam

The bell rings, indicating the school is over for the day. Kids were thrown in seven heaven as school holidays will start tomorrow. Let alone the kids indulging themselves in the merriment of celebrating the coming of school break. I’m not going to kill the joy as I really know how it feels like when holiday drops by because I was them before.

I know exactly at that moment that I’m done for another School-based experience. Knowing the fact that the very second I step out of the school gate, I will no longer have myself returned to the chores that I have been doing for a week and to the meeting room that we were put throughout the week– replacing teachers, microteaching, invigilating examination, arranging exam paper, rush here and there meeting teachers just to get their signatures. Gah, i'm so going to miss the moments dearly, really. The experience itself is worth doing though the workload is unbearable and consumes my free time most of the time. See yourself, life as a teacher couldn’t be anymore tedious folks!

My plate is full and I have my hands at almost everything this whole week. But I’m glad that I manage to endure them all till the very last school bell of this week. I did it! I have never really understood the word teaching until this week and this whole school-attachment thing has opened any new chapter in my life and rekindled the teaching soul within. Yet, I finally feel zing of being a teacher and it feels so dear to me. A busy bee, indeed. Personally, this is the best school-attachment yet. Alhamdulillah   

What is memorable on the last day is that never in my wildest dream have I thought that a student would shed tears when she gets to know that we are no longer here when school commences after the holiday. I almost burst into tears but my manly manliness manages to hold back the sober. It touches me in the pit of my stomach, in the crown of head, and most prominently in the corner of my heart that this student is coming from the class that I have been yelling at especially when their behaviour infuriates and irks me. But they touch the part of mine that cares the most, my heart. It melts like melting butter on hot warm toast. Thanks kiddos for the memories. Obviously, people come and go, but memories made remain forever. 

Whoever says teaching is easy, they are seriously disturbed.

Say cheese! 3 Delima

Yeah...Azri is back home. Spring Holiday, she says. Meeting her for the last time before she returns to Hiroshima, Japan this coming weekend. Safe journey gal! Stay golden yeah.




omg! stai murid2 syg cikgu kan... kikiki.. so cikgu2.

you and azri : me so jealous! motif???!!! sweet hampa ni. kihkihkih.

Arsyad Muhamad said...

hahaha :P