Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Coming of Age

As Salam

Wake up in the morning, as usual. But I know this date is very special for that on this very date, I was born and able to see this world. Get myself ready and drive myself away to school. Kids are patiently waiting for me in the class. I start teaching and things deem to be so normal, nothing unusual or extraordinary. It seems to be that no one knows today is the day. Great, I'm glad because I always want it to be that way, surreptitious, incognito, anonymous to almost everyone and unnoticeable.

Just another day and another year. A day that I spend most of it thanking Him for giving me this life and the chance to have such lovely people around me. Not that I'm expecting anything like a string-quartet, confetti, fireworks, or drum roll on this special day, I actually abhor to remind myself that I am now a year older. Birthday freaks me gets me to think of ageing, wrinkles and so many things. But nay, no one can avoid getting old because it's rite of passage. When the time has come, no one can run away.

Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah is all I can say for being given another year to edify and improve myself, there are abundance of sins needed to be cleansed. Many thanks go to my dearest parents, Ma and Abah for that without them I am not where I am right now, Ma used to be pain in so much pain between life and death just to conceive me and Abah works so hard until now just to provide me and the rest of us comfort, shelter and security. Their unceasing love is something that I can hold on to for the rest of my life. Parents show us right from wrong, and we are going to be strong. Mum and Dad, I owe you both so much.

Praise to be upon Him for the best gift ever that is to be born as a Muslim and I need to take a good care of it because this heart and soul of mine are so fragile and weak, vulnerable to any threats and defenseless. To those who blow me wishes, dua and what not...thank heaps and if only I can duplicate myself, I would have done it in the first place to go to each and everyone of you to personally thank and wish you the very best of luck. I am looking very most forward what 21 number has to offer for me, getting married maybe? (giddy mood. LOL), may it be good and blessed, Aminn.

As the coming of age, I hope my presence would benefit other people around me because life is meaningless and pointless if we do not share what we have, what we know with other people. The knowledge we know may not mount up by itself, remember that.

This lad is no longer a lad, he's now an adult. Treat him the way it is supposed to be. 

Stay golden, brothers and sisters! 




Nia Ilemor said...

Sanah Helwah Arshad! May Allah bless you and have a great year ahead :)

Arsyad Muhamad said...

Aminn...syukran Ain...wishing the best of luck in life as well. Stay cool yeah! :D