Friday, 8 July 2011

Battling alone.


Don't we realise that we have been tested by HIM?

By then it makes me realised of what we have undergone previously.

I have made a lot of mistakes due to my ignorance, I admit it.

I am not a good servant of HIM, I concede it.

Oh god, please shows us the right way and path to prevent us from going astray.

If we manage to undertake this barricade, we are just going to be fine again..Insyallah..

Oh god, please forgives our sins, thus accept our apologies.

Oh Allah...please shows us the way...

I am just not so strong to keep on and moving on.

I am brittle, fragile and weak that I cannot fight this battle alone, I concur it.

Oh god...

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ni mesti kes tgk citer dalam mihab cinta. mode:insaf dua minit. kah3