Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What? I kid you not.

I could not be bothered reading a novel, Three Cups of Tea, written by Greg Mortensen during Islamic Education class which was just a complimentary subject to say at the first place. I have to concede the fact that I know nothing about what I should know and that is why I have to sit for this class in this semester, I guess. At times, it comes to a sense that what was written in the novel draws my attention more than what the Ustadz is trying to say. Luckily, he never spots me doing something else during his class. What a relief! How blasphemous I am, I admit it.  

I guess the post has got nothing to do with the title. Pardon me. I have three books to go.
Here and there, I will be the faithful comrade to listen to your saying.

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