Monday, 25 July 2011


Many times, how I wish if there is a PAUSE button in my life, I wish I could pause only the happy moments when I can enjoy myself to the fullest. 

The moment when only me with my world within, and no intervention of others. How peaceful!

Also, I wish I could have a remote control of life that sets REWIND button which means I can return to my old times to fix the past. And if that is possible, my life would be greater than NOW. 

You, you and you! Please walk away from my life!

By correcting and fixing and repairing what is good and wrong in the past, I reckon I would come out with a big genuine smile that shine others' life too.

But, who'll give me a power to fix the past? IMPOSSIBLE. I should have admitted the fact that I could not turn the clock..

I guess I must live with the idea that to not be regretful in the future, I must not follow or do thing that your heart says it's wrong.

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