Tuesday, 5 July 2011


What will you feel when you have someone whom you can trust and believe in the most is the one who dislikes what you do and disgusts with you? 

And to make matter worst, that particular people keeps bullshitting behind your back.

It is abysmal, and would that not mean s/he is backstabbing you.

Yes, s/he does.

I just feel want to scream out loud!

I just feel my heart wrenched into pieces and I don't know how to portray my frustration towards this particular people. No regret after all, it teaches me not to tell everything about yourself to others and not to always be kind to others even if you know s/he is a nice and benevolent person at the first place. No offense!

cited from a freelance website.



terkilan dgn sapa? mcm tuju kat aku ja.. hmmm :'(

Sir. Ash said...

ak x address kt sape2 pun..just that rasa terkilan ngan people around me lately..it could be anyone..may be I was too emotional lately..hehehe..take it easy dude! ;)