Saturday, 16 July 2011

"C" mode is activated.

Yoohoo...times move so fast like a speeding bullet, I concede it. Without realising it, I have been here for a month and for a month also I have been in semester three. I haven't done much to say in the first place. There are so many things to buck up with as I will be seating for my final exam this semester before I embark on my step into degree level next year. Insyallah. Prior to my studies, well said, I have two assignments in my hands now that they are due next month. Hope that I can finish them all within this week. Guess have to burn the midnight oil,but eventually I just have the typical fluorescent lamp in my room to light the space whenever it gets dark. Not so funny, I admit it. I am not a comedian to say the least. :/

Weekend in campus is dull and boredom fills the air like you are stranded on a dilapidated and exile island that has no inhabitants at all. Okay, I aggrandize it too much. It is not so monotonous but what is more you can expect to do in campus, primarily in Perth-lis. Nothing, I reckon. My roommate are out of town this weekend for he joins a camp in the neighborhood state. I do nothing that I go to have a cut of my hair yesterday. I just love my new hair cut, I guess. But yeah, I cannot find any verdict to why I should hate my new hair cut. And starting this weekend, I can sense the semblance of Ramadhan in the air that is just around the corner. Yippee...I am so elated and delighted that whenever Ramadhan comes, it brings along  Hari Raya.

There's only one god, and he is Allah.

Enough talking, I ramble too much, I think ,but nothing useful comes out from my mouth. Poor me.

Before I end here, since tonight is Nisfu Sya'ban...let's make a prayer for Allah to apologize all of our mistakes and may he grant upon us his blessing. Amin. Ya Allah, let our feet stand firm and strong on the ground and our hearts stay unchanged. Amin.

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