Thursday, 21 July 2011

Gua Kelam Weekend Retreat.

We are the rempits, come and dare to challenge us!

Camewhoring at the entrance.

It was chilling cold that I had to heat me up by sitting on a piece of wood.

I hope I haven't late to tell the world that I have been to Gua Kelam during last weekend that it was such on a short notice that we decided to release our steam from the tons of work that we had. On that day, the weather was at the finest state of it, I guess as the sun was there to shine up the day and yeah, there's no sign of it's going to rain soon. What a good weather to go somewhere that you can relax while enjoying yourself to the fullest!

Actually, I was not alone as I went there with my best friends, Mr.Hazwan and etc. We went there by motorbikes and imagined, an hour ride from Kangar to Kaki Bukit, would that not mean half of your body was paralyzed that you couldn't feel your backbone was actually at its straight position? How painful it was! Yes, it was. The reason we chose Gua Kelam were that just because it was free (noted:the most important factor), and free from the hustle and bustle of the city that it lived in its own world of serenity and beauty of the world. So much exaggeration, I admit it. I couldn't say more, we had immense thrill of fun that we did not know the meaning of tiredness and etc. We just loved the place that was still untouchable and pristine. Subhanallah, how beautiful Gua Kelam was, I just jaw-dropped seeing the beauty that god gave to us.

Forgot to say that, on our way home, we dropped by the Timah Tasoh Lake. Subhanallah, again We were mesmerized by the beauty that is beyond compared!
Enough rambling, let the pictures narrate the whole story!

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