Monday, 25 July 2011


Maybe it is a sign that I grown up a lot, I guess. But, the thing is, I seem not to be able to control this feeling. I should have said that I am grateful to be installed with this kind of emotion at the first place, rather than I hate it when it gets worst and wild to manage. All this while, all I do is to keep it inside, yet I can't stand with it anymore. I could not be bothered of letting it out. Lest I may disgrace anybody, I think I should keep my long face for quite some times, so that people would know the existence of hatred feeling within me. Ah!


Oh Allah, please show me the way. Oh Allah, let my feet stand firm and strong on the ground and my faith stay unchanged...Amin.

Do not bother to ask me why and what...Chugelle! Hate it when you can't find the necessity to like it!

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