Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A quiz I squeeze my head the most.

I guess I should have hit the book now as I have grammar quiz tomorrow. Nay, I just don't feel like open the book and the moment I touch the cover of it, I start to yawn and yeah my eyes feel so heavy as if there's a stone clinging on my eyelids. Too much aggrandizement, I admit it. I have to start facing the reality that I have a QUIZ tomorrow and the subject is Language Description-in and out about grammar that I reckon with the most, I guess. I should not take this quiz for granted even if I know the question will be so difficult as if you are trying to crack a nut with your tongue, aren't you? Okay...My point, I must hit the book now, and somehow I need a gist to engross and titillate my interest in revising this subject. I have to bear in mind too that I am a TESLian and what is more I can expect in this quiz if not to do my very best as to prove to everyone that I am just as good as the rest and capable enough to be an English Teacher - A guider for foreign language, I hope so.

See, how uptight can I be about the grammar quiz? We use grammar in our daily activities, don't we?

So, Language Description, please be nice to me,and I will be nice to you in return, and also I will revise you more frequent after this. By then I will know grammar is not only just my GRAND-MA but also the GREAT GREAT ANCESTOR of English Language.

Possessive, check! :D

Ash, as I said, go and hit the book now!

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