Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oh no!

I have been informed by someone that the mock exam result that I had sat last semester will be coming out tomorrow.  I could not believe what I had heard and tried my very best to accept the truth. I thought he was just kidding in the first place that he always used to tickle and pull my legs, yet what he said was real and I was jaw-dropping and my body trembled to fear. My mind started to question why must it come out this week? Why can’t it be last semester that I can get off this thing out of my chest during the semester break? Why can’t we just keep it as a secret that no one will ever know what his/her result is? Not that I was not prepared to face the truth, it was just that what if the result that I will get is not what I have hoped for? Would that not mean it will make me down the whole day? 

Silly me, I guess. Now I know how the rest of my friends feel when they are about to receive their exam result, I reckon.

Hurdles are just perpetual dreams and hallucination that stop you from moving on.
Whatever it is going to happen, I will take it as a fate that has been determined upon me by Him and most important, I will take it as a motivation for me to keep going and striving for the best. What is done cannot be undone, isn’t it? Come on man, this is not the end of the world and journey, yet you still have final exam that you have to work out for. I believe in whatever things I do.

Peace out!

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