Monday, 25 October 2010


my pic during exhibition, seriously am i looking smart that day~!!


salamualaik and hi people,

whatcha doing lately??

how's it going, people?? fine..

owh, what a great and pleasure to listen to your good news!

ok, it has been a long time since the last post haven't i update my blog.

it's all due to assignment constraint and student's life.

i'm not putting a fire into the system, but that's the system.

a system where good study skill is applied.

frankly speaking, i'm quite busy with tons of works in the past few weeks.

and guess what, it's now the time for me to stay back and relax, while having a kit kat- my favorite brownies!

up above, did i had mention there had i caught up with mounts of tasks??


mind you, it's the reality, it's just so plenty and hilled up to a kinabalu, but i'm afraid to an everest out of itself.

yoohoo, a metaphor, but that's the truth, there's nothing else true other than the truth.

so here, in this post, so lovely if can tell you what had i gone through last few weeks.

let's get blast~!!

first, i caught up myself at doing newsletter for our language description subject.

ah, well, supposed i was one of the writer of the newsletter, but it turned on the other side since only 4 articles were needed to put into.

so, cheers!! :)

i was just so euphoric and thankful, didn't need to trouble myself, primarily my brain and eyes.


and then, another task came one after another-non-stop-without-red-light.

grin, but yet suffered~:(

i found this one was troublesome, lame, wtf, nuisance, huh??, have i learnt this..and whatever things in regards to these feeling.

urghh, it was actually letter to mr.l****.

the reason why i say so because

1) i don't really well master poetry devices.

2) literature takes time to understand and it's kinda boring, and drive me to bed.

3) i did forget already the format of informal letter.

suck, so lazy wasn't i??

yeza, arsyad, you're suck a bobby and nut-crack!

ahh, hate it.

i'm not that such talented in giving response, and most likely it would be as same as spm essay.

no grades are reached.

but, at last, with the god's light, i made it~!!

managed to mailed on time.

and the best part is that i wrote it around three pages-quite shock sendiri lah..


actually the elaboration on theme makes my essay lengthy.

who really cares, as long as i do my works on time~!!

hell you people!! grr..

then, the biggest challenge ever faced by me is the social studies exhibition.

so lot of things need to be done, need to be settled, need to be resolved.

though it's just a small exhibition, but, still, there's plenty of works have to be done.

just you know, my group is doing exhibition on funerals of iban and kadazandusun.

quite creepy and massacre of ghost, all it might be..hell,no!

yes, all i can say i don't have enough sleep, i eat less, i lost energy and as well as stress get on the roof level!

wow, better watch out next time.


and the days that we have been waiting came,

it's just so that everybody is doing well and having an immense thrill of fun~!!

really, really fun~!!

extremely, superbly , immensely exciting~!!

all i can say is that all the efforts are worthwhile as seeing everybody smile from ear to ear.


congratulation to TESL sem 1~~

u guys rock the day~!!

carpe diem~!!

and yeah, i think that's all for this post.

till next post, my avid fans.


have a nice week~

may sunshine shines you always~

p.s. am on the way finishing 2 poems for poetry project. any suggestion??

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