Saturday, 16 October 2010

feeling 1

really what has chained me up, till i don't have any ideas of what to do.

feeling as if there has been so many works are unfinished, plus, exhibition that is supposed to be on this upcoming monday is taking easy by me.

what the donkey!

so lazy, wasn't i?

it sure is, and the answer is always yes!

i don't know, and really perplexed, and definitely puzzled, recently, why do i was so lazy like an ass.

making matter worst, i have postponed so many tasks.

and now it piles up to an everest out of itself.

suck, let's find the solution!

shuck, what the hell am i wasting time on facebook!

i have never been so flustered before, ever since, i procrastinate time, it is like giving the sun to a crazy people in an asylum.

yes, powerful, but indeed no use~@

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