Saturday, 16 October 2010

hi, people..

this is my former classmate in high classmate.

yeah, we all look so charming, young, benevolent, "gila-gila", and sometimes wild.

and that doesn't matter, as we all today lead our own way.

for those who gets whatever they target, a big congratulation for me!

for those who aren't, never ever fret, stop blaming others and yourself, stop frowning, go and get up for the grip and step to be a better person and whatever you wish.

and this is special to those who are still blurred in what they are doing now, don't let the clouds make u dream of castle in the air, stop dreaming and start with a new vision and mission.

indeed, wishing u all the very best of luck~!

wishing u all achieve whatever u wanted to be.

may you continue doing your good job.

may allah will always be with you!

all hail, 5 Jarir!

Mdm. CT Kat is the best, no ever best other than you!

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