Sunday, 31 October 2010

study week a.k.a lousy week

hi and salamualaik peeps!

yeah, blink on and off, it's almost the end of semester 1!


another stages in my life almost end and come to its finale.

and of course, before we go for semester break-to shift to another sem, there's must be an exam to measure our performance throughout the sem.

but, most to my exhilaration,we, ourselves, TESLian, got no exam till sem 3- the actual exam, and actually in sem 2, we got an exam but a trial one.

so, exam in sem 3 will be the grand finale for all teslian.

not so excited, as we will be tested based on what have we learnt throughout 3 sems of preparatory programme.

though giving us many time to revise and study, but still, i, myself envy the most with others options' students, as they will be asked by from have they studied throughout that sem only.

yet, i still love and proud to be part of tesl!

go, tesl go!

i say so because, we, teslian are living in the different world with other students..

others got gerko, but we don't.

others got exam, but we don't.

others got kebudayaan, but we don't.

but, that doesn't matter!

at least, we, future english teacher need an environment that can stimulate us to be a good teacher in future.

and this is supposed to be study week..

but then, teslian still in class week.

urghh, we still got classes.

and most interesting part is that

at last, we have received the last 2 assignment.



like that..

the first 1 is language description.

an essay about family.

the second 1 is english studies.

a poem review.

and to tell you the truth, i haven't started any.


i need a gist to start everything.

a thing that can stimulate my idea and mind.

to preach out the best idea.

with bombastic connotation.


till next time people.

have a nice week!

p.s. the blogger turn to my hand has just came back from langkawi. got new gossips to be shared. wait and read everybody! ahah

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