Wednesday, 20 October 2010


salamualaik' people,

and hi,

what a great and wonderful day is today!

and of course i love wednesday, as today i don't really have many classes, and many classes are canceled by lecturers.

i guess you know what i mean,

meaning that it's time to wake up late!

no need for me to get up early to rush for bath, iron the cloth and do some revision.

but i have and must to bare in my mighty brain, i come here not for sleep but to carry out a heavy task that are put on my shoulder; to be an english teacher and at the same time to realize my parents' dream, and of course it is my dream too~!

being so busy last week has woke me up from a long dream that i have something to do here.

i realize that i am here not to waste the government money or even my family's money, but rather to build a new future not just for me, for my family too, and primarily for malaysia.

undeniably, teachers are the future-creator for malaysia.

causing us to well prepared to face challenges ahead and definitely, nurturing future malaysians to be not only smart but also world-class human capitol.

enough for that, i think there are some many things are just so happened to me recently,

and i'm trying my best to tell you people time by time.

wait for me k~

seriously, if i were a writer or even poet, i believe i can come out with an anthology; compilation of my life stories.

till then, people.

have a nice day~!!

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