Saturday, 16 October 2010

oh, shuck!

oh bad, there's so many grammatical errors in my blog, here and there.

yeah, yes, i need to improve and master all the grammar parts, as it is the heart of english.

what a thrill!

i really love english, undeniable, and no wonder, i'm find myself stucked in this lonesome land of IPPP, the most weirdest ever!

back to my main crux, i need to start with zero again.

i see my grammar get worst nowadays, and puzzling why.

really need to get into english bible again, Oxford grammar book.

sorry for grammar inconvenience.

indeed difficult for me to trace all the errors as i only a human.

whom are not really perfect, there's no perfect other than allah s.w.t..

the most greatest and merciful~

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