Thursday, 21 October 2010

think big..

salamualaik and hi, people

am i look smart in the picture?

yeah, i guess so.


actually, this is the picture that i had taken during my time as an english

facilitator for english-for-young-muslims program at IKIM, jalan duta,KL.

what so lucky, weren't i??

i had a very precious moment and gained a lot knowledge about english.

it's actually indeed exposed me to real english, and see how important is english in

our daily life.

if u can i see, there are my toddlers a.k.a my mentee, sort of like that, can you

imagine, at the age of 17th, i had been given a group to lead to.

so great!

and that's it, the kick-start and catalyst for me to be an english teacher.

for young teenagers out there, i'm not coming from a wealthy and able family, my

parent works as gardener, but most important is that not the money that matters the

most, it is the knowledge and education that is given to you is very important,

cause it will determine your future and takes you wherever you want to go.

bare in mind everybody, including me, the future is in lour hand, if we don't take

it, we are going to be the biggest loser ever.

let's carpe diem.

if i can do, why can't you??

think big~

have a nice day~!

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