Saturday, 9 October 2010

damn busy~

yeah, totally busy with works these days.

mini-exhibition; really looking forward to ghost and haunt the conference, as we exhibit theme on funeral.

creepy, isn't?

poetry recitation project; really wondering, how did was i be appointed as a project manager, instead i was not that talented enough in leadership thing.

really don't know how it is going to be next. -_-"

files2; this is the one that is most cumbersome to maneuver. notes, files, covers, things that must be enclosed with the portfolio.

making matter worst, i didn't know where did i put those things.

yeah, really need to rearranged all the things once again.

and once again, too little time, too little opportunity.

and am really need to refresh all the things.

till next time.

have a nice week!

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