Monday, 4 October 2010

LDV assignmnet


I knew it, knew it deep in the pitch of my stomach, in the crown of my head, in the bottom of my heart and in the back of my mind, that she was destined to be my valentine somehow in the future. Contaminated by the thought that love is blind, I did sometimes believe that wherever there was hope, there would be love and eternity. Ever since I met her for the first and foremost time during high school, I knew she simply the best for me. I turned head-over-heels on her. I would get all flustered and blush every time she was near me. Though, I had to keep my feeling on her inside of my lonely and deserted heart until one day, I was braved enough to face her from eyes to eyes, the setting was right, the sunlight shone from the horizon and from the sky, I knelt down on her, I gathered up all my strength and took a deep breath, slowly confessing my feelings that had I been kept for so many years. To my astonishment, she had the same feelings on me too. I was on the top of the world and feeling as if I were a gymnast, I would have done several back flips to release this flying feeling in my chest. I meant, I already felt shivered up my spine as I confessed my crush on her. So when she spoke the same thing to me, it felt like someone had just poured a glass of cold water on my head. Now I truly knew, she was certainly the one for me, a priceless gift from god and as saying goes, two is better than one.
Through out our years together, she the one and only person I had been able to count on. She had been my faithful companion through bad and joyous day. Constantly attached at the hip through disloyal people, bad days, and long nights spent on studying. She was someone who could finish my sentences, who never failed to understand me, yet whom I could talk to for hours on end. Simply there with me when friends seemed scarce and life too hard. Who would laugh with me at jokes no one else understood. Though it took me a while to realize that a girlfriend is more than a little or and old habit. Truth be told, she was like a super-duper supernatural force, a divine spirit with psychic ability. If I made any sort of mistake she knew it before I told her. She had a sixth sense and it was not fair. That was what drew my heart to like her the most as if I were a fairy, I would take out my heart out of my chest to show her how adored I was on her. There was an intangible bond that binds us together. Once we lived in each other’s hearts, we discovered that we are two souls sharing the same hearts and forever holding hands.
All in all, this girl did not know how much she meant to me; countless times lifting me up, cheering me on, listening to my sobs and crying with me. If this girl was taken away from me, I would be dead inside, for we were joined by something greater than us. Nothing could replace what we had. And for that matter, I had come out with a decision to settle down my life with her. One beautiful morning, I wrote her an e-mail stated;
“ I love you,
Because whenever you smile it really lights up your face. Because your laughers fill up a room and make it a merrier place. Because you hold me real tight and tell me you love me, too. Because there is no one else in the whole wide world like you.
p.s. I will be waited for you at bench along K. Perlis Waterfront at 6 p.m”
We sat by the cove, staring at the emerald crystal-clear blue water that reflects the red gleams of sunshine. As the sun drew near the horizon, on the spur of the moment, once again I knelt down with pride and felicity, confessing my adoration on her, telling her “ would like to be my soul mate forever ?”, then I pulled a small box of diamond ring out of my pocket which surprised her the most. She paused with shocked for a moment. Surprisingly then, she stepped in to give me a hug, marking a “yes, I do” answer. For a few seconds I felt the peacefully bliss that had made me so content. With a great force, my heart was flattened against my chest like wallpaper as I still could not believe she accept my proposal. And now we still love each as much as we do before as if she was the only woman in my world and I was the one only man in her world. We believe not even titanic could sink our love; pure and eternal.

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