Thursday, 21 October 2010

the pimplez..together we rock the world~

hi and salamualaik people,

this is my best buddy and friends in school back then.

we are the happy and frenzied clique ever.

i love to be with them as if we had an immense thrill of life.

how lucky i am to be with them, as we had shared so many things together.

sailing through waves of joy, and tsunami of gloom.

but now,

everybody has their own highway to go to;

all i can say is that,

wishing well you all my buddy the very best of luck, and may allah always be with you.

may you continue your good work~!

tribute to the pimplez;

syahir: foundation in pharmacy, cfsiium.

azri: ambang asuhan jepun, um. high~

izyanie: medic, yt, univerity of mansoura, egypt.

alia: b.ed tesl, ipgkdri

pamela: b.ed tesl, ipgkdri

nurin: whatver, unikl, kulim

ama: sc, uitm chendering, trg.

and last but not the least,

it's me

arsyad: b.ed tesl, ippp( there's nothing to be proud of)

till next time.

have a nice dream.

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