Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bleagh...Challenges ahead!

A wise man said if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

And it is not easy to succeed and it easy to fail.

Well said, he was definitely true and correct.


After all the hardships and challenges, I managed to endure them with success.*so far*

Without the given courage, I will definitely never be able to endure them alone.

Without the unstoppable support, I will never be able to undergone them with courage.

Without the given patience, I will never be able to stand on my own foot now.

And the entire tests that hit me are the reason for me to stay strong and be prepared to be hit by another wave of challenges.

Every times they pay me a visit; I take them positively even if I know that I am at the losing end.

Because, I know that there must a reason for this to happen.

And definitely, there must be a silver and golden lining behind all these dark and thunderous clouds.

That is why I will try my best not to whine, complain and sigh because these are tests from HIM.

Like I said previously, these things happen as to see our patience, our smartness and how much we remember HIM.

As we always remember HIM when we are in desperate but seem to forget HIM when we are in joy though the fact that the joy that we attain are from HIM.

Thus, this is the sign that HE remembers us always. HE gives us light to not go astray and before we go beyond what we are not supposed to. And to wake us up from the worldly dreams.


These are the things that can help us to improve and ameliorate ourselves to be a better person as we are not beforehand.

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