Friday, 1 April 2011


Whatever the surnames are, they are all related to English language teaching.
If you have made up your mind of taking TESL as your major, well then do consider this thing before you enrol into TESL course.
Not that I’m trying to freak you out, it’s just that I’m trying to help you to picture the reality of TESL.
I’m no by any means trying to let you down and fluctuate your motivations, but you have got to understand the life as a TESLian isn’t as easy as your life back then in school days.
Mind you, it’s really challenging, and only strong-will will do.
Some may say TESL is a famous course and only certain people can excel during their studies.
Yes, I have to admit that most people are looking high upon TESL students as they are the so-called English people in which they are using English in every things they do, am I?
Just say so. For your information, once you become a TESLian, you will come to term the pride and prestige of TESL.  
As a reminder, it’s not so easy to carry the title as a TESL student on your shoulder because there are certain thoughts, interpretations and perceptions that you have to face and endure along the way.
Second, if you ever think of taking TESL just because you want to improve your English proficiency, it would be better then I suggest you to stop dreaming of to be one and rethinking your decision.
I’m no by any means saying that I’m good in English, and have a good acquisition of language. I’m still learning to be better in fact.
Yes, I concede the fact that your English will be improved along the way, but to really do the best in TESL, you need to have a strong and concrete fundamental of English. I admit that my basic was so mediocre before, yet as long as you know how to function the language, I believe you will do the best and keep the rest.
And now, TESL itself conveys the English language teaching. What you need to comprehend here is that how to differ between teaching and English because again mind you, TESL is all about teaching.
Like it or not, to teach people something, you have to be good at something, and the same applies in TESL. If you want to take TESL just because you want to be called as “mat/minah salleh celup”, i think it’s better for you to burn the fire off because you will never go far if you keep thinking this way.
So, TESL is all about teaching dude. Pondering the previous clincher, to pass with flying colours in TESL, you have got to have passion for teaching as teaching will be your core business. Remember, it’s not easy to teach people and even yourself too.
If you have the passion for teaching, well then keep the fires burning into an inferno in your heart. And for those who are naturally born children-lovers, I would say credit to you as you have the advantage to be a good educator.
 In short, taking me as an example, being a TESLian is the greatest pleasure ever given to me. Because in TESL, you will learn a lot of things as it goes across everything under the sun and outer the atmosphere too. I too used to have a thought that teaching is the second class profession, but once I’m in the real shoe, I definitely wrong. Taking TESL doesn’t mean the end of your journey. It’s just the beginning of everything. In fact, TESL will be the stepping stone to every ambition that you dream before. And TESL will take you there. So, my advice is, as long you have the passion and interest for it, do chase it before you die in frustration on the deathbed later. It’s all about your future.

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