Friday, 8 April 2011


The two-day experience in SKCJ is unlike any other. *Full stop*

I can’t really tell you how I feel after what I have learnt and got during these two days in SK Changkat Jawi. The feeling is undecipherable and cannot be described by words. Only god knows what and how I feel. I feel very contented and mind you, the contentment that I feel is beyond measured. The bliss that I enjoy is out-of-this-world!
I think CJ crew has done all out and given as best as they can.

During the English-Fun-Day, we have planned out so many activities for the students. And thank god that we manage to carry out all the activities with the students. In fact, they enjoy with what we have done. All in all, people in SK Changkat Jawi are amiable, energetic, out-spoken, passionate, and enthusiastic though they are rural area student. But, that doesn’t stop them from being passionate primarily toward English. Seeing their ears-to-ears smile and hearing their unstoppable giggles, we hope that they would be to apply what we have taught them and what they have learnt from the English-Fun-Day. We hope that with this little cup of deeds, it will titillate their interest towards English, thus giving them an advantage to survive in real world later in the future. Somehow, I believe that we all have achieved our mission and vision in cultivating English among students.

Let the pictures narrate the story; Have a fine viewing people!

Me and my group.

Language Games

Board Games, not Bored games

Me and Ajman

Board games

Musical Chair

Me and Aiman

Newspaper In Education

My story

Again, me and Ajman 

Group 8

Group 3
Station Challenge

Thank - You dance

Puppetry Show

Closing Speech

Sayonara Kids!

A leader in the making
SK Changkat Jawi...thank for the memories and experience that we have attained through out our presence there. I will cherish every second and moment that we have had together! Thank for all!

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