Saturday, 16 April 2011

What's in your mind counted.

Still, I could hardly figure out where I got my intuition and strength to ride a motorcycle last Wednesday. Just so you know, I did have the license for both motorcycle and car, but the problem was that never before I tried to either ride or drive them. Never! *full stop*

Not that I was afraid of accidents and what not, (I have to concede the fact that it was also one of the reason why I was frightened of, and it seemed like unavoidable though) it was just that there were some circumstances that stop me from having fun with my license. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the road didn’t have a mouth to eat all the vehicles on it, but rather my low self-confidence stopped me from kept going.

As a result, my license turned up to be one of the precious and priceless displays in my wallet.

I tried to pinch and smack my head several times to make sure that I did step on the right ground. It was to wake me up from my perpetual dream. And yeah, I was really on earth. Yet, towards this end, I hadn’t received any answer to my doubt.

There were so many questions played and accumulated in the back of mind. When the confusion mixed around with the undecipherable feeling, things was just got complicated.

Was it my inner strength that caused me to get over my weakness?

Was it because of someone had pushed me to the limit; therefore I managed to do so?

Was it me the one who never realised my true courage?

Was it the fear had overwhelmed and faded my genuine power?

This my mock family.Ngee...Actually, it was Jan's birthday on that particular day..and, riding the motorcycle was part of the surprise I guess. LOL

Whatever it was, just because I never rode a motorcycle before, it didn’t mean I didn’t know how to manoeuvre motorcycle. Mind you, I had the skill but I rather kept it inside than treasured it for the sake of my future.  All I could say was that I should have faith in myself, my ability and capability to move on in life and to endure everything that had been fated for me. That was called the true courage. I should have never downgrade and disbelieve in my talent, power, and confidence as these were things that could wash away the real me. Let not the fear overwhelmed and retarded my self-esteem. Whenever I think I can, I really can do it. Yes, I can do it. I think I can do it. Nope...I absolutely can do it. HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF! Who else could understand you more, if not you, yourself? Who else can improve your life, if not you, yourself? Who else can you pride of, if not you, yourself?

Whatever happened in your life, be thankful and contented as GOD wants to test you upon everything HE has given to you.

If others can do it, why can’t we?

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