Sunday, 24 April 2011

Whatever you say we are!


I don’t know why did I smile and giggle whenever I think of what people say about us. (TESLian). Supposedly, I must be angry or somehow agitated by those, (yes, I did) but somewhat there’s no worth of pissing off over this silly-wily thing. The fact that you should know is that whenever they talk about us, there is as if no other good adjectives that can describe us. Out of all good and decent words in the dictionary, the bad words only they remember. (Poor them, I’m so very sorry for them! And I’m just with full-heartedly willing to give them vocabulary lesson). Whatever it is what I can say is that; they can say whatever they like because who cares! They can utter whatever they want because who really cares! They can mutter whatever they love to because who really matters what they say! I don’t care and the rest also don’t really bother by. I’m not at the losing end to say the least. I don’t lose a thing. That shows how narrow they think and how short their minds are. That also shows how unprofessional they are. That is why I don’t really go into the system. It creates division. And division is not good for human being because we are all the same and must be treated equally. And it causes comparison. Oh my, comparison is thoroughly bad. It marvels misunderstanding and retards creativity. Come on; open up your mind to see how big the world is and to know that there are so many things that you haven’t discovered. I really feel very pity with these people because they never learn how great the life can be and how wonderful the people are. I just believe that different people are good and unique in their own ways. This is who we are...and we really matter what we want to be. What people say doesn’t matter. They are like the pain in our ass. I just don't give a DAMN and FUDGE on it!