Friday, 1 April 2011

Undecipherable feeling

Have you ever had this kind of feeling? Or have you ever experienced this situation? Some may say yes and some may probably say no. Whatever it is, this kind of feeling is merely to be unavoidable when you are in love or have turned head-over-heels on someone. Yes, I have to divulge the fact that I use to feel so lately, yet that wouldn’t mean I’m in love or in a relationship to be exact. But, what I’m trying to decipher the undecipherable things here is that when we are in this kind of situation, I would probably advise you all to chill and stay calm. It’s the best medicine ever. Undeniable fact that you have to be true to yourself, and it’s a crime to lie to yourself, but it’s better to do so as the end product may not be in the way that we wish. But, in my case, I supposed to say here is that my calmness and coolness merely kill my opportunity, thus it creates another perplexed situation that is more difficult to be comprehended. Though this thing has come to a complex unit, which I do here is that I be true to myself and other people, so that there will be no more confusion and bewilderedness. It’s so true and indeed you have to trust yourself and what you believe you can do rather than what you expect to happen later. Be true to yourself is the key ingredient in ensuring this feeling can be understood. Never take this situation easy, it may suffer you a lot. And if you are about to handle this situation, share this problem with the one who you can trust in. He or she may have a good idea on how to maneuver this predicament.

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