Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Kids, be nice and good to me yeah!

And finally the moment that we have waited for so long has come. So, tomorrow will be the day-the beginning of a journey as an English teacher. By then, it would perhaps help us to comprehend the duty as a teacher that is more than just an educator.

Tomorrow is going to be our school outreach programme in which we are going to handle English-Fun-Days with the students ate respective schools. Mine is Sek. Keb. Changkat Jawi or its surname is CJ 7(the cutest cartoon on the block).

Previously, during my pre-visit at CJ 7, I found out that the students are so cool and energetic despite of not-so-well-facilitated school as this school is in renovation and under construction. That doesn’t the matter. What is important is that the cooperation given  is at the maximum level. Seeing their antics, I believe they will be good and nice at us tomorrow. They are really awesome people mind you!

Again, tomorrow also will be the day when we can preach what we have learnt and practiced through out this 1 year. Not enough that we learnt, but as long as it gives a huge impact, that would be all. This will be the time when we can practice our language. Language should be shared, not be kept inside.

And also, this will test our patience and intelligence in manoeuvring kids as we never have the chance before. Because of teaching profession is all about the passion for kids. Kids are just amazingly awesome. To tell you the truth is that I am not really good at controlling children. I maybe amiable, but I am not stern enough to frighten them. That leaves me in dilemma. Think positive!

Be nice and good you people! 

Can't really wait to see you there!

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