Saturday, 2 April 2011

How to encounter this feeling.

After all the things that you have done, and after all confession that you have made
What will you do? And what will you react?
To reassure this flying feeling is to spread its wings so that you can measure how high you can fly up in the sky.
Remember, everything has its own border line, even though we may not see the state line.
At this point, you really have to know to manoeuvre this feeling before it goes cumbersome to handle.
Here are some tips to encounter this feeling with success;
1)      Be straight-forwarded. Never hide anything that you are not supposed to hide. Tell everything to her/him because he/she may help you to find a solution.
2)      Be understanding. To make this feeling a victory, all you need to do is to understand his/her antics. You need to go deep into his attitude and gratitude. And also, you need to know what is in his/her mind. Well, predictions are sometimes will do.
3)      Be open-minded. Open to what he/she is saying and never afraid to make mistake. From mistake, we will learn to improve ourselves.
That would be all for today. Have a nice weekend.

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