Thursday, 14 April 2011


Never sigh when we are in trouble or problem.

And never dwell on the problem itself.

But wait what should we do then to stand up and fight?

First thing first, the entire problem that hit you is actually a form of test from GOD.

It is to see your patience and how smart you can be to manoeuvre problem in your life.

And the most important thing more than the plan you have is the sense of gratefulness upon everything that you have been given by HIM.

When the problem gets hard and complicated, all you need to do is to think positive.

Remember, never get flustered and heated up.

You must put some deep thought about why do these things hit you.

And you must realise your mistakes too.

Take a deep breath and figure out a plan and strategy to counter the problem.

You need to have a back-up plan too, if let us say your master plan doesn’t work in the way that you want.

But, to say the least, never ever run away from the problem.

It doesn’t even make you matured.

And trust me; you will never learn how to improve yourself.

The only thing you learn is to repeat the same mistakes.

And be the same “you” beforehand.

Problem and mistake make our life more merrier and interesting like a roller-coaster riding.

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