Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sum Up.

Tribute to English Language Camp, PPISMP B.Ed TESL June 2010 intake (Cohort 2, Cycle 3).

Thank to Mdm.Kris, the camp director and all the lecturers for making sure this ELC was a great success. their hardwork, encouragement, passion, and effort are things that touch us the most. We love you all for that.

But, what is important more than the enjoyment, joys and satisfaction that we get from is the ability to communicate and to get to know these kids better, and also the ability to comprehend who we are, why we are here and what we should do and behave.

I really hope that ELC will strengthen our unbreakable bond among TESLian. To make us stay strong whenever the rough wave hits the shore, to support each other whenever the tower is about to topple down, to stand with what we believe in even if others wouldn't.

Remember, what people doesn't matter as what we believe in is counted. Have faith in yourself everyone!

Congratulation for PPISMP TESL SEMESTER 2, we finally did it!

p/s: It has proven that we are just as good as the rest! Thank you very much to SK Changkat Jawi...and CJ crew...We really rock the house!

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