Monday, 4 April 2011

English-Language-Camp Fever.

Should I announce here that our ELC fever is in the air?

Yes I should and in fact it will be going to be tomorrow.

Wow! Don’t you think everything seems to move very fast? Or else is the time is ticking in bullet speed?

Well, I couldn’t agree more on that. But, whatever it is, our English Language Camp will be tomorrow until Thursday. Cheer everyone!

I supposed you all know that our batch ELC will be different with the previous batch. Whereby in our batch ELC version, we are divided into 4 groups and mind you, we are also assigned into 4 respective schools in which we are going to handle a 2-day English Fun Days with the respective students as we will carry out many activities with the students. Isn’t that fun, isn’t?

But, wait! Wouldn’t that means when we are in schools, we are going to be called as teachers/sirs by the students. Isn’t that cool? It sure is. I really can’t wait for that title. I bet we are ready to be called so, aren’t we? Just say so.

So, as for now, I believe we are physically and mentally prepared to face the music from tomorrow onwards. Why I say so because ELC is all about our pride, our name, and our dignity. This is it. This is hopefully will bring monumental changes into our TESL groups to be respected and looked high upon.

And yeah, ELC also will be the platform for us to practice what we preach. And the most important thing is that ELC also will be the stage where we can ameliorate our English adroitness. Like I said before, to teach someone something, we must to be good at something. That’s it. We are not looking for Caucasian-like accent or native-speaker-like accent, as long as you know how to handle the language and everybody understands what you are trying to convey, that would be an effective use of language. What for it is to be like a native speaker if we don’t have the passion for kids and teaching? That would be another intelligent-waste I think.

So, remember, our main focus now is our ELC. And English Fun Days will be our core business. Bear in mind that we will make sure the students will enjoy themselves and so are we. This is we called win-win situation. The bliss and blast that the students get are the zenith that we want to reach and are the biggest resentment that we will ever have.

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