Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 in short


blink on and off..2010 has came to an end..and yet another year will come to replace its throne. Like most of us, we may say this year has passed by so fast like a speeding-bullet as if yesterday was the first day of 2010. Come on, open your eyes wide and see tomorrow will be a NEW YEAR of 2011.

Apart from this, of course, in 2010..I have endured so many things, gone through so many ups and down until where I'm standing at the moment.

So in short..this is what I have been going through this year:

1) SPM result-though not such an amazing result that I achieve, I satisfy most with what I receive..and mostly, I get what I target of.

2)UiTm-maybe some of are questioning when did I study there..and to tell you the truth, before I step my foot in ipg, I'm actually a TESLian at UiTM Kuantan..this place is having such a sentimental-value for me..the experience that I gain can't be compared with money..I love this place so much.

3)IPG Perlis Campus-so this is where I'm standing now, and if truth is the first place, I refuse to accept the offer because really I have several reasons why I don't want to be there..and of course the secrets are safe in me..but at the end,there is where I'm now. Doing B.Ed TESL..and for sure an ENGLISH TEACHER in-the-making! GO TESL GO!

So...I guess those are the top three out of the so many achievements that I have achieved this year.

As for next year..I have several resolutions to be resolved:

1) targeting 3.80 and above for my exam..really, gonna work very hard on it.

2) trying my best to save money as I want to buy lot of things..first, new books!

3) really working my best to change my attitude..this is quite...tet!

Okay..that's it..actually, there's so many more..but if I can write it out, it will be more than two or three pages. But, remember that's okay if you continue with your last year list as it's still new and fresh if you don't achieve what you have resoluted of.

And of course.

Happy New Year...May your year will be full of joys, wonders and happiness!

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