Monday, 13 December 2010

Hi peeps!

Going to IPG is a very special sort of experience.

It’s, of course a time of tremendous personal growth.

A time when some students get their first serious taste of independence, while others find their BFFs, increase their Facebook friends exponentially, or even meet up with their future spouses. YOOHOO!

But even more important, seriously be told, college is also a time of great intellectual growth.

A chance to study things you didn’t even know existed or to delve into topics you do know about at a level of detail and sophistication that you’ve never before imagined, like what i've gone through as a B.Ed TESL student or in short, TESLian.

Because IPG is so special and always will be, it’s important to make the most of it.

To squeeze all the juice out of it and drink it all up.

Especially when it comes to the academic side of things, where students often don’t reap all the benefits college has to offer.

But yet, you have to understand what IPG is all about—to get a real picture of what you are about to go through as a trainee-teacher or are already going through.

And in certain circumstances, you have to understand, IPG isn't an ordinary knowledge-park like university, it's a place where teachers are trained not educate.

And to tell you the truth,


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