Saturday, 11 December 2010

love to inspire and be inspired.

As a future teacher, skill in inspiring students is vital and indeed really important.
So, a good communication is implied.
And as a matter of fact, I'm readily good at it, and some might say, I'm quite a chattering-box.
In fact, I can talk unstoppable the moment I open my eyes, till I go to bed again.
To inspire people, first, once you know you have something you value and have great passion for, start thinking about how big you really can make it.
How many people could you potentially inspire and what are some of the ways you can impact more and more people.
Don't look to inspire one person, look to inspire a hundred!
This goes back to the success rate here as you will likely not succeed with working to inspire at a very small level, you need to think bigger and have many people available to inspire.
Perhaps it is your group of friends or colleagues.
Explore how you can take it past that group, invite others and have them grow your influence beyond your initial ideas for inspiration.

Thinking big is not only about inspiring more people but also about the impact of inspiring others.
Don't settle or compromise to inspire others into simple actions or minor changes in their life, aim to change everything!
Look to inspire in many areas instead of just one.
Think big about the impact you might have and this will give you a much better chance of leaving some kind of impression.
If you promote 100 ways for someone to change and they take on just one, remember you have still changed them!
Another useful way to inspire others is to work at inspiring some noble idea or practice.
It's much easier to gain attention, followers and support for noble actions than it is for individual gain or what some might think are more selfish reasons.
An offer to change that has an important impact on the world, society or large group is far more attractive to onlookers than some short lived personal gain.
So keep those areas of influence as big as possible!

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