Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sayonara SEM 1!

ok, chill everybody!

i'm still alive, and there are mount of things haven't i done yet in my life before, i closed my eyes.

not to shock you all, but, i just want to change, everybody will change somehow in the future, and i think, and firmly believe, it's now the time for me to change.

all this while, my life isn't as what above wants.

so, let's change our shirts before they get worn and useless.

also, if others can, why can't i?

okay, enough is enough.

it isn't going to be the topic that i want to babble today.

so, as what i clearly highlight above.


yes, and i finally did it!

urghh, isn't that a sigh of relief?

sure is buddy!

i tell you what, there have been so many things happened to me, especially things that are connected to emotional thingy.

oraitt, let's start with the master of problem which is SPM result!

after waiting for a suffering-filled months, finally it comes out.

and yes, 7A's, primarily 5A+, 1A, and 1A-.

what a totally and immensed relief!

actually, to tell you all the truth, this is what i hope for, and target for my result.

i don't get fret and jealous, as i see most of my friends pass with flying-rainbows-colours.

it's just that i feel so happy, that i finally make a right decision.

and this might surprise you all the most, the reason that i don't want to target for straight a's is that, i certainly believe in myself that with all my hardwork and effort, 7A is the only realistic result that i can get.

and yes, that is so true.

there's nothing true other than the truth.

second, i'm just so reckon the most in physic and chemistry.

it's just that i found myself like a weirdo and psycho and swine in those classes.

as my mind isn't focus and things that i learn aren't suck into my mind.

wondering why.

but, that's okay.

thing that is done cannot be undone.

in fact, i can't turn the clock.

and i'm afraid if i can, that will be the end of the world.

okay, i think there will be another post to continue this.

there are so much thing to be shared with you all.

till then,

have a nice reading!

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