Thursday, 16 December 2010

The miracle of SUN..

Have you ever heard of travel holiday to sun??

If it to space, yes we almost do but neither to sun

and some people may wonder if we can escape from earth to space, it means we can reach sun too..but then the truth is we can't.

the main crux is that the Distance.

in this case distance matters most.

And how far away from us is the sun?

Are we to answer just as we think, or just as we know?

On a fine summer day, when we can see him clearly,

it looks as if a short trip in a balloon might take us to his throne in the sky

and yet we know because the astronomers tell us so

that he is more than ninety-one millions of miles distant from our earth.

Ninety-one millions of miles!

It is not easy even to imagine this distance

but let us fancy ourselves in an express-train going sixty miles an hour without making a single stop.

At that flying rate we could travel from the earth to the sun in one hundred and seventy-one years

that is, if we had a road to run on and time to spare for the journey.

so, if you dare to take risk by taking up this challenge..why don't you try..and make a difference

and embark on a new astronomy history.


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