Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Lucky stars come to me, bebeh! (Lucky Blogger Contest)

Remember, the moment when we were born, a time where joys were paralleled with tears, came to earth another human. And that moment too, we were taught life is race. And to win this race it's all depending on our luck. Things get easy whenever luck is on our side, isn't?? Different people may have distinct beliefs in luck, and so be it. No doubt, determination also one of the key ingredient to success, yet luck is the master of all. Let's say, we have tried our best in exam, we study hard even smart, we go for an extra class, we learn from masters, but, whenever luck isn't with us..we will plunge too at the end. See how vital is luck in the essence of our life. We may say luck comes within our effort but it didn't. Instead, pray and effort make luck even more stronger-the foundation of victory.

The predicament of luck itself are differ among other people and so do I. But i really hate this one when it comes to a sense where people aren't working hard for what they want, whilst easily saying let luck do and decide for them. Shuck, weren't they?? I may be harsh or even salacious but, if you kind of luck-dependent person like dependent sentence in english grammar, what can I say other than you're so wrong. With no help of effort and determination, you will never ever success too. You will be succeeded but in a little amount as your hardship. Sorry for being irritating and my out-of-my-mind antics, but that's the reality, you can't run from the clincher of success.

Good Luck!

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