Monday, 13 December 2010

dreams..nice, isn't?

Hi there!

Every night and every second we dream.
Whatever we dream is, it's definitely a good mind-therapy.
And somewhat,
Dreams are expressions of thought, feelings, and awareness that are
represented through the creation of sensory environments in our minds.

The sleep process allows the brain to sort out the events of the day, to put the
various stresses in perspective and heal the brain and body and emotions
from the day’s wear and tear.

So sometimes your dreams simply reflect what you have been focusing on
during the day, and give you a vivid picture while your subconscious is busily
“filing away” the facts and feelings of the day.

Have you ever spent the day playing a computer game, or completing
crosswords, or spent many hours driving, and when you close your eyes to
sleep, you can’t get the “picture” of what you saw while doing those things,
out of your head?

Some dreams are what is called “organic” which simply means it has a
biological cause, and could even have been the result of what you ate that

Other times, your dreams may reflect issues that are worrying you, or that you
sub-consciously need to “deal” with, even if you aren’t really aware of
anything that may be troubling you.

And yet, the best dreams ever is to be what you dream.

Dream of what you dream because it will bring you where and what you want to.

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