Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I quit..

Listen carefully..here's my resigned letter from being your KK for the next semester.

I've been thinking all this for quite some time, and it finitely mess up my brain.

And finally it comes to a sense where I believe how insanely dictator I'm acting.

So, to make things better, I decide to quit from being your KK for the next semester though you still need my service, but then, I can't stand anymore.

Yes, no doubt, I'm quite experience in this field, but, looking back at the time I rule, isn't that a big chaos, there so much many things i fail to settle and trust me, I'm not gonna make a good KK.

Without second thought, I really want to give some space to someone to replace my throne as I'm not gonna be eternal on my throne and there's gotta be someone else to live up this class.

The end.

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