Sunday, 5 December 2010

The best doesn't mean perfect.

hi peeps.

so long no story right?

it's just that i have been catching up with mount of works lately.

and don't get me wrong, isn't the assignment that have caught me up, but it's my part time job have just made me so hectic.

okay, as you all know, during this holiday, to fill my free time, and plus, don't really have idea of what to do, i'm just deciding to get a job.

and big thanks to my cousin, for offering me a job as clerk and as well as TEACHER-this is happened when we short of teachers.

you must be wondering where did i work.

truth be told, i'm working at my cousin's tuition centre that is located within spitting distance from my house.

isn't that lucky, weren't i?


and actually, i'm just too euphoric to have a job though it's only a part time, but then, it's a good exposure for me to be a good teacher in the future.

don't you think so??

okay, this post isn't going to babble about my job.

get focalized, i just captivated and questioned why do people always want PERFECTION.

isn't that annoying??

and yes, indeed.

PERFECTION is a subjective thingy.

and to tell you the truth, there's no one PERFECTION in this world!

that's the fact.

so, why do we still look for perfection??

wouldn't it be so time-wasting??

in fact, no matter how hard we do and try, wishing well that it LOOKS perfect, it's still doesn't perfect!

there's still weaknesses here and there.

and so are human.

when it comes to search for spouse and soulmate, people always want to search for the MR.PERFECT AND MISS.PERFECT.

and i would love to say to you, there's no one PERFECT IS OUT THERE!


it's just that we can't achieve PERFECTION OR FLAWLESS level, in fact, it doesn't exist at all.

but, what we can do are TRYING our best and all out it becomes THE BEST.

that's all.

the journey for perfection is nothing.

and journey for the best is all the thing.

never look for PERFECTION, it will just blind you off with thousands of mistakes and weaknesses.

look for the best, and the best will follow you.

say no to PERFECTION, say yes to the BEST!

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