Sunday, 12 December 2010

adoration, love and lust.

For some people, love is the most vital components in their life. But, have we ever thought that the feeling that we have isn't love, adoration or even true love. In fact, one has got to get the real meaning of love, or else, one will be swallowed up by the thunders of love. Resulting in love suffocation.

Simplified, true love, the genuine care and concern for your love is what we should be having. But lust, the uncontrolled desire or craving for your love is certainly not to be desired. Having too much of lust than to love can certainly bring danger to your love relationship.

But well, we are still human afterall and I must say that these very two emotions is certainly within and happening inside of us. You can never deny that fact that you will be having lust at times. But perhaps all these while, it just didn’t occur to you that you have at times been actually feeling so, having some uncontrolled lust over your love.

So, I thought it would be good to just bring to your attention and make you be aware of it, to allow you to be better handling your emotions. In simple, we can say that love is a choice; a choice that you hope to have; to be having that chance to be with that someone whom you love, having that chance to genuinely and unselfishly be giving him or her your true tender love and care, bringing about that happiness for him or her. Whereas lust is a want, an obsessive desire to have purely for self-satisfaction and pleasure.

When you love someone, you love him or her for who they are. You always respect your love and never insist on them doing things that are against their will, which may include having s*x.

Now, love is always a two-way communication and not just about you. In a love relationship, you give and take. You don’t just take and take. By only taking and not giving, you are actually behaving in a way of having lust, wanting just more and more for yourself out of the relationship. Instead of providing your love with happiness, you are only thinking about how your love can or should make you happy. To describe it in a more ugly way, you are just loving yourself more than to actually loving him or her. And this is certainly not the way as to how a love relationship should be. A blissful love relationship should always be mutual, a mutual happiness for the both.

Many at times, we tend to just think for ourselves and this can be especially so for those who are already in a steady love relationship for or a year or more. Well, in the beginning of the love relationship, both would always be on their best to make their love, their partner happy. Just recall those sweet memories. Don’t you just genuinely feel happy when you were able to make them smile and happy back then? And to even be happy when accepting their bad habits and faults?

But very often, it is sad to be saying that thing changes when the both eventually got together. Finding faults with one another, quarreling over the slightest things. All the initial acceptance of one another was just not longer there anymore. And for some, sadly to even have to end the very relationship.

Now, are you in a love relationship; one which has already passes that initial honeymoon period? Still going steadily with one another? If you are, well done and congratulations!

But do let me just ask. Between the both, who has been the one whom is always the one giving?

Well, there must certainly have been one of you who have been the one giving more. Think about it. Whoever that may be, I would say that he or she has given you their true love and care, a wonderful and unselfish love. And this is definitely a love you should cherish, a love whom you should respect.

Do just honestly ask yourself. Have you unknowingly at times react in a way of lust, unreasonably blaming your love when he or she is not able to meet your expectations; not able to make you happy? And not to mention having forcing him or her to do something against their will just to satisfy your very own wants, to making you yourself happy?

Remember, nobody is perfect and that includes you. And that is why we have to learn to give and take. We were taught that since young and it absolutely applies too in a love relationship.

We give and we take. Not too much of giving nor too much of taking.

Have you unknowingly been taking too much? Think about it. It is still not late to be realizing it now especially when you have that chance.

So, be prepared before you fall in love, because you might fall in the middle. And love yourself before you love others. No one else can love you as much as you do to yourself!

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