Thursday, 30 December 2010

New blazer..

As I'm going to make a long journey by bus this, I guess it will be good if I can have a new sweater or perhaps a coat that can withstand the low temperature of the bus as if you're standing in the middle of snowy field in bare. Extremely cold, isn't??...Since it has been such a long time haven't My mum and I go shopping, I tell her that really, I need a new sweater as the one that I have is old enough though I just buy it few months ago before I enter UiTM.

So, today we go shopping together..and after strolling up and down of the Econjaya, we end up buying a blazer for me! So contented! It was black in colour, plus thing that makes me like it very much is the pattern at the back. It's just awesome! Really, it makes me look like a Londoners! London, here I come! But poor me, dream is only a dream..okay, put it aside. Serious, I look pretty pro when wearing that blazer. Now, more. Thanks mum!

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