Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I LOVE MY Friends!

hi peeps,

i'm just somehow lack of ideas on what to be written in this post.
and just figure out to continue with my last post about friendship.
Much certainly of the happiness and purity of our lives depends on our making a
wise choice of our companions and friends. Many people seem to trust in this
matter to the chapter of accidents. It is well and right, indeed, to be courteous
and considerate to every one with whom one is thrown in contact, but to choose
them as real friends is another matter.... If our friends are badly chosen they will
inevitably drag us down..if well they will raise us up.

Not only does friendship introduce daylight in the understanding out of darkness
and confusion of maketh a fair day in the affections from storm and consultation with a friend a man tosseth his thoughts more easily..he
marshalleth them more orderly..he seeth how they look when they are turned
into words..finally, he waxeth wiser than himself..and that more by an hour's
discourse than by a day's meditation.

p/s. have you ever thought that our friends are our shadows??

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